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We Buy Coins & Collections

Palos Verdes Coin Exchange – We Buy Coins & Collections

No matter what kind of collection, cache, or hoard you have, we buy it all. Large or small. Come by and we’ll educate you about what you have. Our staff is NOT on commission. We’re here for you, we’re here to help. If you like what you hear, we’ll see if we can make a deal. We’re never in a rush. We know we pay the most. If you need an insurance appraisal, we can help. Our professional appraisals are always free.

If you have a large collection, we can meet you. If you’ve inherited a small collection with valuable coins, we can meet you at your bank to complete a purchase transaction from you right there. If you prefer to bring everything in to our safe, secure location near the local police department, please do!

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Free Appraisals

When you come in, we’re happy to make a quick and easy free appraisal, whether you’re selling or not.

You do not need to create a spreadsheet of coins, though some people like to. Some people are surprised at how valuable their coins are. Others are surprised to learn how important condition and rarity is when it comes to collectible coins.

For insurance appraisals, we charge a nominal fee depending on the time required.

The Coin Selling Process at Palos Verdes Coin Exchange:

1. Show Us Your Coins or Collection

Come to our shop or have us meet you where you feel most comfortable.

2. We Appraise Your Coins

We’ll look at them and give you a quick, professional appraisal. Because this is what we do every day, it generally doesn’t take long. With over 25 years of numismatic experience, we know coins.

3. You Sell or Walk Away

We’re here to educate you and advocate for you. We want to help you make the best decision for you. None of our staff are paid on commission. This is a relaxed, low-key, low-pressure environment. If you want to sell your coins, we’ll buy them from you when you’re ready. If you don’t want to, no problem! We’re happy to teach you what you need to know.

Morgan Dollars – Coins we buy at Palos Verdes Coin Exchange

If you can, just bring your coins in. If you’re not able, we’re happy to meet you at your home or bank. Our top priority is always our customers’ safety, security, and discretion.

When we see your coins, we do a very quick inventory and are generally able to come up with an accurate and fair valuation in just a few minutes. This is what we do, day in and day out. If you have a small collection of just a few coins, an appraisal could take between five and thirty minutes. If you have a larger collection with thousands of individual items of different kinds, it could take us an hour or two.

Rest assured, if it has collectible (numismatic) value, we buy it. We’ll pay you on the spot, and we pay more than our competition. Our customer is our first priority.

We Buy Coins at Palos Verdes Coin Exchange

Whether you have extremely valuable certified US gold coins, or raw copper-nickel coins from around the world, or ancient coins, we buy it all.

We buy and sell certified coins - PCGS coins, NGC coins - Palos Verdes Coin Exchange
We buy and sell certified coins – PCGS coins, NGC coins – Palos Verdes Coin Exchange

Certified Coins – PCGS Coins, NGC Coins

Some collectors have encapsulated their rare coins in plastic “slabs” from companies like PCGS and NGC. Of course, we deal in these coins. We’ve handled, bought, and sold some of the most valuable 7-figure certified US coins in existence.

We buy and sell raw gold and silver coins gold bars bars and gold bullion - PCGS coins NGC coins - Palos Verdes Coin Exchange
We buy and sell raw gold and silver coins gold bars bars and gold bullion – PCGS coins NGC coins – Palos Verdes Coin Exchange

We Buy and Sell Raw Coins, Bars and Bullion

Some collectors leave their coins in a jar or box, raw – not encapsulated. We buy those, too.

Many collectors began holding silver coinage after it went out of circulation in the US in 1965. Of course, we buy all coins in all states, from uncirculated “mint state” coins to circulated, worn and nearly featureless coins. Some collectors bought mint and proof sets directly from the US and other world mints. We buy all those sets.

No matter what you have, bring your coins or call us to make an appointment. If you prefer, we can meet you at your home or bank to look at your coins with you.

If you have old or scrap jewelry you don’t want, or silver or flatware, we buy that, too. And, of course, if you have bullion rounds or bars of gold, silver, platinum, or any other precious metal, we buy those, too.

If you’re unsure, call or come in to talk to us. You can bring your coins, bullion, or other materials right into our shop and we’ll give you a free appraisal and buy your collection on the spot if you like.

Insurance Appraisals

We regularly handle estate appraisals for insurance purposes. Bring your collection in, or have us meet you. We carefully catalog and appraise your collection as seasoned numismatic professionals. We work with estate settlers and insurance companies regularly for a small appraisal fee.