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Gold, Silver, Platinum and More…

PVCE buys and sells a wide array of gold, silver and platinum bullion products. We have and we buy everything from 90% “junk” silver to proof platinum American eagle coins. Of course, we also always have gold and silver bars in stock. When it comes to bullion, we always prioritize our customers’ security and privacy. Maybe that’s why they keep coming back… We pride ourselves in providing a safe, transparent, and most importantly – private – buying or selling experience.

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We Buy Gold & Silver

We handle all transactions with transparency in a casual, pressure-free environment. We educate our customers about the many different options we offer. Whether you want single one-ounce round with a small premium or a large bar, we can help. If you want a certified bullion high grade proof gold or platinum US NIFC coin, we’ll help you get exactly what you want. We help you find what works best for you. We test all bullion we sell with the state-of-the-industry technology. All our bullion is genuine investment grade gold, silver or platinum, with purity as described.

PVCE is always competitive when buying bullion products. We buy and sell everything from scrap gold jewelry to kilo gold bars. As with collectible coins, we provide free appraisals and the current market price for bullion. Once we agree to a deal, we offer many different popular payment options. We pay you for your gold, silver, or other precious metal how you want to be paid. We issue immediate payment with cash, check, or wire transfer, ensuring your privacy and security throughout the process. If you want cash for gold, no problem. If you want a wire transfer for your collection of silver, we do that. No deal is too big or small!

We Buy Gold – Palos Verdes Coin Exchange – Gold Bullion

We Sell Gold and Silver

PVCE holds a wide inventory of precious metal and bullion products available for immediate purchase at competitive prices with low premiums. Our inventory and pricing changes daily, so for current inventory and market pricing please call us: 310-750-6951.

Our inventory usually includes 100 oz, 10 oz, and 1 oz silver bars. We also have in stock 1 oz gold American eagles, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, and South African Krugerrands gold coins in many sizes. For platinum buyers, we have platinum American Eagles and 1 oz platinum bars. Along with bullion products, we also carry a wide array of semi-numismatic gold and silver coins such as pre-1933 gold $20 Liberty gold coins. Our Saint Gaudens Double Eagles are popular, and we always have 90% silver and low-premium silver Morgan and silver Peace Dollars.

Give us a call for our current inventory or to discuss different options that work for you.

We buy silver bars coins bullion 90% ninety percent silver .925 ,999 pure silver sterling silver - Palos Verdes Coin Exchange
We buy silver bars coins bullion 90% ninety percent silver .925 ,999 pure silver sterling silver – Palos Verdes Coin Exchange

We Deal in Scrap Gold & Sterling Silver, Too

Our customers know us for investment grade gold and silver. We also buy and appraise scrap gold and silver items like jewelry and low grade coins. We test purity and weigh all forms of gold and silver, including scarp jewelry, watches, rings, flatware, silverware, dental gold and more. Our priority is to conduct business in a fair and completely transparent manner. We are especially careful when it comes to scrap gold. We’re aware some of our competition isn’t always completely up-front about their methods. We invite you to shop us after you’ve tried other places. Once we come to an agreement with our customers, we pay them immediately however they prefer to be paid. We stand behind our prices.

We offer you the most for your gold.

We work in a relaxed and hassle-free environment. We put our customers first. Our low-overhead business model allows us to pay between 10% and 40% more than our competition.

Come try us out!