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1907 St. Gaudens High Relief $20 Gold Double Eagle, Wire Edge, PCGS MS64

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1907 St. Gaudens High Relief $20 Gold Double Eagle, Wire Edge, PCGS MS64
1907 St. Gaudens High Relief $20 Gold Double Eagle, Wire Edge, PCGS MS64

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Today, we have on offer for you a St. Gaudens High Relief $20 Gold Double Eagle, among the most beautiful US gold coins ever created.

High Relief $20 Gold Double Eagle, by Augustus St. Gaudens

This is truly an exceptional coin, whose ownership puts you in exceptional company. Total mintage of all St. Gaudens Double Eagles is around 66 million pieces. Of those, there were only 11,250 High Relief Double Eagles minted. There are also the 25 or so Ultra/Extremely High Relief proofs which all demand many millions of dollars each when they come to market. We’ve handled those, too, for collectors. If you have a gold coin like this to sell, please contact us. If you’re interested in an Ultra High Relief Saint Gaudens please contact us. We will happily get you the coin you lust after.

But today we have for you one of the only around 11,000 St. Gaudens Gold $20 Double Eagle pieces available. PCGS grades this coin with exceptional eye appeal at Mint State 64. Of the 11,000 or so minted, PCGS has only graded around 780 finer. An exceptional coin indeed.

This high relief (only minted in 1907, the inaugural year of the Saint) has deep dishes and clean fields. This coin is among the most beautiful classic interpretations of Augustus St. Gaudens’ Liberty design. This design is highly regarded by collectors as the most beautiful coin the US ever minted. This example is of the Wire Edge variety (rather than the Flat Edge).

There are High Relief Gold Double Eagles graded up to Mint State 69 extant. They also demand at least well over a half million dollars (close to a million including buyers fees!) on the open market in recent times. This gorgeous gold coin is an attractive bargain beauty compared to those almost-flawless specimens.

David Akers, esteemed numismatic gold expert, notes that “All High Reliefs were struck a minimum of three to five times…” True to form, this St. Gaudens Gold $20 Double Eagle is fully and beautifully struck. The example on offer for you today has only the lightest of contact marks in the fields around Lady Liberty. Obverse luster is exceptional with satiny fields. The reverse of the coin exhibits light contact and fiery orange copper color progressions in the eagle’s wings and near the rim. Overall, a beautiful piece with excellent luster. This gold coin easily looks better than the grade given in hand. This could make a fine piece for completeness of a St. Gaudens $20 Gold Date Registry Set. Likewise this beautiful and rare High Relief Gold Saint may be an excellent capstone piece for your remarkable coin collection.

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: Augustus Saint Gaudens

: 11250

: 90% Gold, 10% Copper

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