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AD 244-249 Roman Empire Philip I AR Double-Denarius, NGC Choice AU

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AD 244-249 Roman Empire Philip I AR Double Denarius, NGC Ch AU, Obverse
AD 244-249 Roman Empire Philip I AR Double Denarius, NGC Ch AU, Obverse

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Today, Palos Verdes Coin Exchange is extremely pleased to offer for your consideration a nearly mint state silver Roman Double-denarius, made almost 1800 years ago. This coin was minted during the reign of Philip I, and features the goddess Roma seated in a Roman temple much like Lincoln is seated in his Memorial for our U.S. Cent. Numismatic Guaranty Corporation grades this coin Choice Almost Uncirculated. Exceptional centering and obverse design detail.

Marcus Julius Philippus (Philip the Arab, born in what is now Syria) was an emperor of Rome who reigned over peace for a few short years. The Roman Empire had existed for 1,000 years as Philip reigned. Although the empire was largely at peace and prospered during Philip’s reign, he was murdered by his successor, thirsty for power.

This beautiful silver double-denarius was minted during his reign. It is a attractive in-hand. Come buy our coin shop in Palos Verdes to view it for yourself before purchase.

Obverse: IMP PHILIPPVS AVG, draped and cuirassed bust right
Reverse: SAECVLVM NOVVM, Roma seated in Hexastyle Temple

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