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1943-S Lincoln Wheat Cent 1C, PCGS MS66+

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1943-S Lincoln Wheat Cent, PCGS MS66+, Obverse
1943-S Lincoln Wheat Cent, PCGS MS66+, Obverse

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Palos Verdes Coin Exchange is pleased to offer a lovely 1943-S Steel Lincoln. In 1943, the U.S. Mint minted all but a handful of Lincoln using zinc coated steel, so as to reserve copper for the war effort. Authentic copper cents from 1943 are an extreme rarity, and one we would happily buy from you when you bring it to our Palos Verdes shop. Many hundreds of millions of steel cents were minted in 1943 only. Sadly, zinc is quite a reactive metal that oxidizes quickly. While mint state (brilliant uncirculated) 1943 cents aren’t rare numismatically, they are prized by collectors in gem or higher grades. Circulated steel Lincoln cents are quite common, and a fun memento of the WWII. This example is an exceptionally nice gem uncirculated piece. PCGS recently graded it Mint State 66+, meaning it is choice for the grade 66. This is an inexpensive yet beautiful example for the type.

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: Victor David Brenner

: 191,550,000

: Zinc coated Steel

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